The courses, which are spread across four and a half weeks, are spirited in with a festive concert sporting a grand orchestra as well as former participants of past seminars in mid - July.

Meeting and seeing former Academia participants perform is always an enlightening experience. It is amazing to see how talent has developed into a professional stage presence. These successes show the importance of seminars which offer young talent the invaluable opportunity of working with and learning from world - famous artistic personalities. But not only the supervisors, the participants themselves provide each other with vital impulses.

Each course peaks in a finalizing concert. So, aside from seven to eight workshops for vocalists, the Academia Vocalis offers a string of top quality concerts to the public.

But, first and foremost, the Academia Vocalis is meant to be an educational stepping stone for up - and - coming international vocalists - the concerts themselves are only a welcome side effect. On the other hand, the concerts are not only a meter for the expected superior quality of the seminars which the Academia Vocalis offers, they are also a measure of the capability of the club to relay the joy of personal fulfillment the participants experience to the public.

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