Academia Vocalis 2020 - Wörgl|Tirol


Technique, Interpretation, Body Work                            

Univ.-Prof. Karlheinz Hanser - Singing - mdw Wien
Alexander Fleischer - Accompanist - HfM Berlin
Verena Hanser – Body Work - mdw Wien                                                           

Group Rising Stars

Thursday, 30th of July 2020 - Thursday, 6th of August 2020

Target Group: Vocalist Level: Bachelor, aspiring vocal students preparing for admission exams for conservatories, colleges and art/music universities, ambitious secondary professional singers in upper music school level.

Application until 20th of July 2020                                                                      

Meeting: Thursday, 30th of July 2020, 11.00 am, Music school Wörgl                    


Lesson plan | Performance overview                                                                      


Thursday, 6th of August 2020, 20.00 pm
Concert Hall of Music school Wörgl                                                                     

Group Professionals

Sunday, 9th of August 2020 - Sunday, 16th of August 2020

Target group: Vocalist Level: Master Art or Music Universities, Art Schools und Conservatories, accompanying coaching for young professionals and professionals (repertoire selection, audition training)

Application until 30th of July 2020                                                                      

Meeting: Sunday, 9th of August 2020, 11.00 am, Music school Wörgl                   

Lesson plan | Performance overview                                                                      

Sunday, 16th of August 2020, 20.00 pm
Concert Hall of Music school Wörgl

General Information  

Participation & Costs                                                                                          

A participation in the masterclass can be either active oder passive. The course management decides on active or passive participation after the audition on the first day of course. An early commitment to active participation can also be made after proper registration with the Academia Vocalis until 30th of April 2020, after submission of a recording or submission of a recording link. An active participation costs € 450,--, for passive participation € 225,-- must be calculated. The number of participants in the active staturs ist limited with 14 people.                                                                                                              


Course modules & content                                                                                

Within a master class the following course modules are offered:                                                                                                                                                                 

Voice technique: In group lessons (90 minutes each) elemantary vocal issues such as breathing, Appoggio, approach,vocal equalization, position equalization, Messa di Voce, etc. are illuminated from a methodological and vocal didactic point of view. Apart from a schematic approach, different approaches to practice the systematic structure of subareas and troubleshooting of voice technique are schown.                                                                                                                                                                          

Singing Lessons: In individual lessons (30 minutes each), in the masterclass course vocal technique acquired basic skills were brought into a fine tuning with the individual vocal predisposition. In addition to dealing with the great vocal line, the legato and the technical basis of a clear articulation, the vocal technical development of the teaching literature is of great importance.                                                                                                                                            

Interpretation: In one-to-one lessons inclucing piano accompaniment (30 minutes each) the selected teaching literature is developed in musical, linguistic and interpretational terms. Here, the teaching of the fundamentals of phrasing and the sensitization oft he sense of style plays an important role. The participants of the module Interpretation in order to strengthen the artistic personality and interpretational autonomy, the opportunity is offered to show the content that has been developed to the public in a graduation concert among professional testing conditions. From the final concert a video recording will be made and is then available for each participant to inform about their skills. About participation in the lesson module interpretation (maximum of 10 course places) will be decided after the audition on the first course day by the course management as part of the learning objectives. Participants who are not admitted to the course module interpretation, the amount of € 100,-- will be refunded immediately.

Vocational extra modulesgroup lessons (90 minutes each)                              


Fit for the stage 1: Breath and body training for singers                                        

After a warm-up and a short endurance training with help of the Pezzi ball, the  muscles of particular relevance to singers in the Hull and Beck area are activated and trained. Hereby the posture and sense of balance will be optimized. A final stretching ensures a harmonious muscle tone without stretch reflex. Targeted breathing exercises help body resonances for the time being intuitively on the perceive and intensify kinaesthetic level.                                        

The complex training allows participants to be more intensified cognitively physical control, control relevant vocal processes and to actively use one's own body while singing.                                                                                                        

Showtime:  Music Drama Basic Exercises - Improvisation                                        

With the help of music-drama basic exercises and easier improvisation exercises the own stage presence, the identification with the characters and content to convey, the joyous natural acting and reacting on stage and concert podium in relaxed playful form becomes trained in the sense of Homo Ludens.


Fit for the stage 2: Breath and body training for singers

After a warm-up and a short endurance training on the Matte core muscles, as well as the relevant for singers abdominal and pelvic floor muscles will be strengthened. Strengthening the areas of coordination, power, balance and stretching comes in the practice-oriented exercise part of a special significance. Participants receive relevant guidance for improving posture and harmonic movements. Breathing exercises help to harmonize body and voice.                    


Speaking on stage: Voice hygiene - Technique – Design

In this module, the basics of a stage-adequate voice use based on logopedic principles will be learned and trained. After determination of the indifferent speech pitch (speech tone) elementary exercises on economic vocabulary (vocation, approach, flow phonation, resonance strategies) will follow to generate a clear and spoken technically correct stage articulation.  Following the developed content by reciting texts from the teaching literature finds practical application.


• Your appearance please 1: Performance training - Staging

There is no second chance for the first impression! In this practice unit techniques for a professional stage-effective presentation of your performance will be learned and trained. In addition to an up and down step-off training with individual bowing, safe walking exercises and standing on stage, as well as a catwalk training, sit down etc. course participants with the essential parameters of stage design (breathing, pauses, making of attention, increase in the level of adaptation, body language, etc.) will be trained on the basis of teaching literature apart.                                                                                                    


Cool down: Relaxation and focus before the performance                                        

In this unit, techniques (adapted progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen) will be found and worked out, for rapid and effective developed physical relaxation and mental focus. It is a try to enable participating singers to perform in a concentrated and joyful anticipation.

• Your appearance please 2: Styling & Make up

The stage-appropriate coordination of your own appearance with make-up tips and tricks, as well as a Dress-for-Success styling consultation completes the preparation for a professional appearance. For participation in the practical additional modules please take with you: towel, sportswear, sports shoes, comfortable shoes with heels (approx. 3-7cm high) for the ladies and if necessary - make-up utensils.                                                                               

Languages in class:                                                                                          


Masterclass repertoire:                                                                                          

Freely selectable from classical singing literature. The program should include at least one German-language art song. Within the Masterclass can be processed a maximum of three pieces! Please coordinate the course repertoire with the course leader in advance.                                                                      


Masterclass Certificate:                                                                                          

All participants will be ceremoniously presented a course certificate for succesful participation of the masterclass, a certification supplement with a Transcript of Records and including an ECTS certification in the final concert.


Lesson notes: glued in triple version


Karlheinz Hanser 2020 ThumbThe Tyrolean baritone Karlheinz Hanser, originally from Rinn, received his basic musical education as choirboy with the Wilten Boys' Choir and through his father Karl Hanser, who worked as a flutist in the Tyrolean State Symphony Orchestra. After the Matura he began a teaching music and physical education studies at the Mozarteum Salzburg and the Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck, but soon turned to the singing as part of the study of instrumental (vocal) pedagogy at the University Mozarteum Salzburg at o.Univ.-Prof. Peter Ullrich.

His diploma studies for solo singing were completed by Karlheinz Hanser at KS Prof. Raimund Grumbach at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich with the opera diploma and the state-certified music teacher.                                                              

On the opera stage the baritone was heard in some noteworthy projects of the Munich Opera School (Dr. Peter Kertz) and at the Bavarian Theater Academy. Among other things, he sang in the Prinzregententheater Munich under the direction of Sir Collin Davisthe the role of Papageno in Mozart's Magic Flute. In the concert sector he received substantial artistic impulses by Prof. Howard Arman. Concert activities at the festival weeks of Old Music in Innsbruck and the Berlin Festival of Early Music complement this artistic spectrum.

Karlheinz Hanser gained his first pedagogical experience as a vocal coach with the Wiltener Boys Choir (1986-1990) and at the music school of the town of Wattens (1990-2000). From 1997 to 2007 he directed a vocal class of artistic education at the Tyrolean Landeskonservatorium in Innsbruck, where he subsequently became head of department, head of department for singing, artistic advisory board and administrator at the artistic and structural development of the educational institution where he was intensively involved.               

In this Karlheinz Hanser successfully completed a training course for musicians in management at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI). Lecturing at the Tiroler Musikschulwerk and the Bund Österreichischer Gesangspädagogen completed this activity profile of the educator. In 2005, Karlheinz Hanser received the university's call for Music and performing arts Vienna, where he worked for the first time as a guest professor for singing at the Institute of Singing and Music Theater and in 2007 he became a call for university professor in the nominal subject Singing.                                                                                                                                    

In addition to his pedagogical work, Karlheinz Hanser co-founded the Institute (2008-2014), as chair of the study commission in the field of singing and music theater directing (2007-2010) and as a principal member of the Senate of the University of Music and Performing ArtsVienna (2009-2013) substantially the artistic and structural reorientation of the vocal study directions within the framework of the university reform.                                                                                      

A special concern of the educator is the targeted promotion of the Austrian young singers in close collaboration with music of the youth (jury activity). Karlheinz Hanser has been established a vocal pedagogue at international level in recent years.


Alexander Fleischer 2020 ThumbAlexander Fleischer ( is one of the sought-after accompanist of the young generation. He studied solo piano at Hochschule für Musik „Hanns Eisler“ Berlin with Birgitta Wollenweber. After that he  studied with Wolfram Rieger in Berlin and participated in masterclasses of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Irwin Gage, Thomas Hampson and Christa Ludwig. He won several prizes of important Lied-Competitions. Such as "Das Lied“ International Song Competition in Berlin", Schubert Competition Dortmund, Competition of „Hugo Wolf Akademie“ for Song Art Stuttgart, „Schubert und die Moderne“ in Graz. Since then he has performed at the Festival "Heidelberger Frühling", Konzerthaus Berlin, Philharmonie Köln, Musikverein Wien, Hugo-Wolf-Akademie Stuttgart and in other European countries (Spain, Switzerland, Russia/Diagilev Festival Perm, Norway/Bergen Music Festival, Netherlands). He accompanies singer like Roman Trekel, Andreas Wolf, Olivia Vermeulen, Tobias Berndt, Peter Schöne, Manuel Walser, Sebastian Noack, Anna Alàs i Jové, Birgit Steinberger and worked melodram-programmes with Thomas Quasthoff.

Since 2015 Alexander Fleischer has been teaching Lied-interpretation at the Hochschule für
Musik Würzburg. He is also assistant to Professor Thomas Quasthoff at Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" Berlin.

Recently he released the first recording of all Goethe settings of Fanny Hensel together with the baritone Tobias Berndt. In 2016 he was teaching at the famous Aldeburgh Festival (GB) for the Britten-Pears-Program. 2017 he founded his own new Lied-Festival called "Hirschberger Liedfest" in Germany.

Verena Hanser 2020 ThumbVerena Hanser completed her training as speech therapist at AKHWien (diploma 1988), where she also gained her first work experience at the 1st Department of Otolaryngology (Department of Phoniatrics) until 1991. Since 1990 she has also been working in a free practice focusing on voice therapy, speech training and voice coaching. Various further education in the fields of singing and speaking voice, breath, yoga, meditation, ballet, jazz dance, body work and myofunctional therapy are completing the training profile of the sought-after therapist and trainer.                                                                                    

With international vocal pedagogues and renowned ENT specialists like Dr. Curly sen. (†), Dr.Krsten jun. (Consultant to the Vienna State Opera), Schneider-Stickler and Dr. med. Quint connects her for many years a intense collaboration. Among her clients are personalities and celebrities from art (singers, actors), politics and economics.                                   

Since 2000 Verena Hanser is as trainer for ORF. In individual coaching she worked with renowned moderators as well as Armin Wolf and Nadja Bernhard, with correspondents such as Karim El Gawhari, as well as with various TV and radio editors on pronunciation, modulation, emphasis and voice leading and also served as an instructor for the voice service for ORF employees.                                                                                                                                    

The requested speaker held workshops on the subject of voice as part of teacher training seminars for German and Communication at the Pedagogical FH Baden. With master classes of the Academia Vocalis Wörgl and the Eva Lind Music Academy Tyrol she gives her knowledge and her rich practical experience to young Singers.                                                                        

As a dialogue and language trainer, she was part of the productions: Brundibar - on the occasion of the Day of remembrance against violence and racism in memory of the victims of National Socialism - in the Austrian Parliament, as well as in the context of the mdw productions Die Fledermaus, Jedermann Monologues, King Arthur and The Magic Flute in the Schlosstheater Schönbrunn Wien, the artistic team of director Beverly Blankenship.

Since 2002 Verena Hanser teaches at the Institute for Voice and Music Theater of the mdw subjects breathing training and physical training, as well as speech training and speech design. In 2010 she was appointed by the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw) for this subjects contracted as Senior Lecturer.

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